Less than a week to go!


The finishing touches are being put on the first annual Ottawa County Farm to Food Expo at The Shops at Westshore - where to park the huge farm equipment, who is bringing the bedding for the animals, which food truck will be available for attendees to enjoy.  Make time on June 9 from 9am to 2pm to come out and meet the local farm families who grow our food.  Bring your questions with you!  There will be experts from Michigan State University Cooperative Extension on hand to answer them all!

Bee Careful

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There has been a lot of talk about bees lately, especially concerning many of them dying. Let's talk about the importance of bees and some facts about them.

First, a common type of bee in Michigan are bumblebees. Bees pollinate our plants, and are responsible for one third of the world's food. The reason they like flowers is because pollen has protein which helps them grow and nectar gives them energy to travel far distances.